Upholstery cleaning Leeds

Upholstery Cleaning Leeds

    When requesting a carpet cleaning quote, we aim to get back to you as soon as possible. We may ask you the extent of the issue you have and request pictures. We may also request a visit to check the damage, fabrics and size ourselves to ensure we quote you accurately. By clicking request a quote you agree to our privacy policy.

    Professional carpet cleaning Leeds and upholstery cleaning Leeds

    Professional upholstery cleaning in Leeds

    The City Cleaners have been cleaning sofas in Leeds for over 13 years. Our team of professional upholstery cleaners in Leeds are fully trained to clean all types of chairs, sofas and bed frames found in the home.

    Our certified CleanSmart upholstery cleaning technicians in Leeds are fully insured, have been through a vigorous training regime and are trained to test, identify fabric, clean safely and effectively.

    From fine fabric viscose upholstery cleaning to polyester DFS sofas we have got you covered, providing a deep and thorough cleaning process that produces great results on the toughest of stains.

    How it works

    What you can expect from our upholstery cleaning service

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    Simply fill out your details on the website, or give us a call, we will get straight back to you in no time! We may ask for information about the type of property, size and condition of the things you need cleaning.

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    Once your happy, book a day for cleaning!

    Our friendly technicians will come and visit and complete the job at a time and date that suits you. Sit back and relax! Our cleaners do all the hoovering and heavy lifting of furniture.

    Complete the clean

    Jobs a good un!

    You don’t pay until the jobs completed and your completely happy with no hidden fees or charges! Super quick drying times so no waiting hours to dry and our technicians replace all furniture back to normal before they leave, happy days!

    Viscose sofa cleaning

    Different types of upholstery…

    The City Cleaners can clean all different types of upholstery in the home including three piece suites, L shaped sofas, love chairs, cuddle chairs, arm chairs, winged chairs, footstools, chaise longues, bed bases and head boards.

    We are able to clean any type of upholstery and soft furnishings in the home, depending on the type of fabric, backing and fibres we have to vary the type of cleaning and cleaning solutions we use to clean safely.

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    Very low moisture upholstery cleaning

    Very low moisture upholstery cleaning

    This very low moisture cleaning method is perfect for cleaning surface dirt and stains, and more delicate fabric types. We use this cleaning technique on most back and side panels of upholstery where there is not as much ingrained dirt.

    The advantages of VLM cleaning are the upholstery dries almost straight away, within around 30 mins or so. The risk of any damage to delicate sofas is eliminated such as shrinkage, discolouration and over wetting.

    We apply the very low moisture treatment using very fine misting tool, the chemical is PH neutral and we can clean all types of fabric with no issues at all. A safe bet when cleaning fabrics that are vulnerable to any damage.

    High specification AirFlex Machine

    The right tools for the job

    Airflex 400LX

    Our custom built machines are of the very highest standard. We can fully adjust the temperature, pressure and they pack a huge vacuum onboard resulting in speedy quick drying times and a very efficient clean. Our machines are the latest in machine technology.

    The Rotovac ShearDry

    This clever attachment is perfect for cleaning upholstery, its agile extracting head can clean the hard to reach areas. This new technology cleans and vacuums in two different ways, creating a really efficient clean and leaves your sofas and chairs gleaming!

    Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

    We only use eco-friendly, pet and child safe products on your upholstery, sofas and chairs. We source all our products from Prochem, the leading manufacturer in the UK. The solutions are effective whilst protecting the environment.

    Professional sofa cleaning Leeds

    Different cleaning techniques for specific fabric types…

    After pre inspection and fibre testing, our highly trained upholstery cleaners in Leeds will determine which cleaning method and solution is more appropriate for your chairs and sofas.

    This is important so that we can clean your upholstery safely with maximum efficiency and better results.

    -hot water extraction

    Hot water extraction is ideal for the majority of upholstery cleaning, most types of fabrics can accept this method of cleaning albeit we use a low moisture extraction tool during the cleaning process, this is called the Rotavac ShearDry.

    After all… the fabric on your sofas is only a few millimetres thin, unlike your carpets that have a deeper pile and can retain a lot more moisture, we aim to use as less moisture as we can during any cleaning process.

    Applying a very light mist of the correct pre spray for your fabric, agitating using a drill brush or agitation pad to work the chemical in and emulsify the dirt then extracting with the low moisture tool which vacuums two different ways resulting in super quick drying times.

    This makes for an effective clean that reaches into all the nooks and crannies, in between the piping and around the corners and edges of your sofa, whilst extracting the deep embedded dirt that builds up on the arms and seat cushions.

    -solvent/ dry shampoo

    Solvent cleaning is the preferred method for the finest of fabrics such as viscose and silk. These extremely delicate fabrics are very susceptible to damage and don’t appreciate any water, if any at all.

    There is a huge risk of damaging the pile and fibres of these types of upholstery and we use this technique so we can eliminate moisture all together.

    Using a micro fibre mitt we can apply solvents indirectly to the fabric, agitate gently using a horse hair brush or similar and towel dry. This is a long process and a very time consuming operation however gives piece of mind when cleaning the most delicate of fabrics.

    It’s quite rare we would have to use this method, it’s the same method we use for delicate curtain cleaning too but we have the knowledge and experience to turn to this when we identify one of the few very delicate fabrics.

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    Speed dry upholstery

    Super quick drying times for your upholstery cleaning in Leeds …

    It’s important to dry upholstery quickly, we do everything we can to dry your fabrics as fast as possible to prevent any damage to your chairs and sofas.

    Our Airflex machines have very powerful vacuums on board which help to draw out any residues left after cleaning, on top of this we can speed dry using AirPods that sit on top of your upholstery and fan dry.

    Working section by section we can move these AirPods and snail blowers around speed drying the areas we have just cleaned. This is important for aiding a safe cleaning process and the customers prefer a quick drying process anyway so they can sit back on your clean sofas!

    Words from our customers

    We stand by our work and our reputation and we would like you to see honest reviews and genuine customer experiences from our own clients. We have many positive reviews scattered across every available platform, we have reviews on yelp, google, trustpilot, and facebook. Check out our Instagram page @thecitycleaners for upholstery cleaning videos too!

    Applying stain guard protection to L shape upholstery

    Stain protection for your sofa…

    The City Cleaners provides an optional service of stain protection for upholstery cleaning in Leeds. This is applied once the cleaning is complete or as a one off service for people who have bought a nice new suite and want it protecting from stains, spillages and any accidents.

    This invisible coating keeps liquids on the surface and just rolls off the fabric once applied. Really handy if you have young children or pets that are likely to have accidents.

    This stain guard protection for sofas is also popular for very expensive pieces that people would like to maintain and protect for longevity.

    A professional approach to upholstery cleaning in Leeds…

    We pride ourselves on good cleaning practices, and good customer service. The City Cleaners upholstery cleaners in Leeds delivers…

    • Professionally trained Upholstery Cleaners
    • Established for over 13 years
    • Accredited cleaning technicians
    • Friendly, Uniformed & CRB Checked
    • Fully Insured
    • Latest machine technology
    • Eco-friendly, pet and child safe cleaning products
    • Affordable upholstery cleaning
    L shaped sofa cleaning

      When requesting a carpet cleaning quote, we aim to get back to you as soon as possible. We may ask you the extent of the issue you have and request pictures. We may also request a visit to check the damage, fabrics and size ourselves to ensure we quote you accurately. By clicking request a quote you agree to our privacy policy.

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