Carpet cleaning in Leeds city centreCarpet cleaning at queens hotel, leeds

Carpet cleaners Leeds. The City Cleaners were a big part of the refurbishment at The Queens Hotel in Leeds city centre recently. The management had decided to replace the carpets on a few of the floors but the rest were cleaned by The City Cleaners over the course of around two weeks. The whole of the eighth floor were cleaned, the penthouse suites, and a few of the meeting rooms on the second floor.

The carpets at the Queens Hotel were all 100% wool, we tested the carpets before the clean so we used wool safe cleaning products and fibre and fabric rinse in the tank of the machine to maintain a neutral PH level. This protects the carpets as we clean and prevents browning and wick back amongst other issues.

Did you know, most hotels have 100% wool carpets, this is because wool is naturally fire resistant and in the case of an emergency in a big building like the Queens Hotel it can be a lifesaver!

The City Cleaners in Leeds clean both domestic and commercial properties, hotels, communal areas, public buildings, library’s, medical centres etc for the best carpet cleaners in Leeds your certainly in the right place.

We use the latest in machine technology and pet and child safe cleaning products to really bring your carpets and sofas back to life. Our state of the art machines have fully adjustable PSI and water temperature so we can easily adapt to different carpet styles and fibres.

We cover all areas of Leeds, and throughout West Yorkshire. If you would like a quote just head over to our contact page and we can arrange that for you.