Professional Carpet cleaning

 Professional Carpet Cleaners in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.


Our Carpet Cleaners in Harrogate recently cleaned for The Rudding Park Hotel and Spa.

The City Cleaners are your local greener cleaners, in Harrogate. Professional fully trained Cleansmart technicians and high quality cleaners of carpets and soft furnishings. All our products are pet and child safe and we only use the highest quality latest machine technology. With a wealth of experience in the cleaning industry we can deliver safe and efficient cleaning techniques for even the most delicate of fabrics around your home.

We understand its hard keeping your carpets, curtains, rugs and upholstery nice and clean especially if you have pets or young children around.

If you would like a quote for any carpets, sofas, curtains, rugs, dining room chairs or leather suites cleaning then just fill out the contact form and we will get back to you in no time!

Carpet cleaning in harrogate for The Rudding Park Hotel and Spa
10 years experience cleaning

Accredited Cleaning Technicians

Our fully trained Certified CleanSmart technicians have over 13 years experience in the cleaning industry delivering a professional and effective approach whilst cleaning your carpets and upholstery safely.

On time for cleaning appointments

Eco friendly child and pet safe cleaning solutions

Your local greener cleaners only use cleaning products that are completely safe for children, pets and the environment

flexibility cleaning appointments

Local carpet cleaners

Our local carpet cleaners are reasonable, reliable and friendly. Offering flexible appointments at short notice to suit around your schedule.

Affordable Cleaning


Although we use the very best equipment, tools and cleaning products available we still endeavour to provide a transparent service that’s reasonable and affordable for our customers.

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How it works

What you can expect from our Harrogate carpet cleaning service

Request a quote

Request a quote!

Simply fill out your details on the website, or give us a call, we will get straight back to you in no time! We may ask for information about the type of property, size and condition of the things you need cleaning.

Home cleaning inspection

Once your happy, book a day for cleaning!

Our friendly technicians will come and visit and complete the job at a time and date that suits you. Sit back and relax! Our cleaners do all the hoovering and heavy lifting of furniture.

Complete the clean

Jobs a good un!

You don’t pay until the jobs completed and your completely happy with no hidden fees or charges! Super quick drying times so no waiting hours to dry and our technicians replace all furniture back to normal before they leave, happy days!

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Why The City Cleaners are your #1 choice in Harrogate

We are your local greener cleaners in Harrogate, using only premium cleaning products and the very latest machine technology.

  • Professional Carpet cleaning
  • Established for over 14 years
  • Free Scotch Guard Protection
  • Expert Trained, Uniformed & CRB
  • Checked Cleaners
  • Fully Insured
  • Latest machine technology
  • Eco friendly products
  • Pet and child safe
Professional carpet cleaning Leeds

The right tools for the job

Airflex 400LX

Our powerful machines have a fully adjustable spray jets and water heat upto 120c. This gives us great flexibility when cleaning different types of fabrics. This latest machine can run upto 200 feet of hosing, so we can leave the machine on the ground floor and clean your attic rooms and large areas. Great for both domestic and commercial.

The Rotovac ShearDry

This clever attachment allows us to clean the most delicate of fabrics on your upholstery and curtains. The Rotovac cleans and vacuums two different ways providing a really efficient and effective clean while maintaining extremely quick drying times.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

We only use the highest quality Prochem products on your fabrics. These are the market leaders, and their amazing solutions are eco friendly, child and pet safe. They also really take care of your fabrics maintaining their lifespan. We use no harsh chemicals or optical brighteners whilst cleaning your carpets.

Benefits of using local carpet cleaners in Harrogate

We like to look after our locals in Harrogate. From Oakland’s to Woodlands we have got you covered. All our cleaning technicians are highly trained in the cleaning industry, we are able to clean the most delicate fabrics right through to the most hard wearing carpets and upholstery.

We are lucky enough to use the very latest in machine technology, with fully adjustable PSI and water temperature we can adjust our cleaning technique to deliver safe and efficient cleaning practices in your home.

We only ever use eco friendly and pet and child safe cleaning products to bring your carpets and sofas back to life!

Being based locally in Leeds, we have a good knowledge of the properties, areas and carpet types, we are very punctual, reasonable and reliable Yorkshire folk. A lot of our customers have dogs, pets and kids, and some other customers just like keeping things really nice and tidy especially for special occasions. We are always on hand for any stains and spillages at short notice throughout the year.

  • Personalised customer service
  • Local knowledge with reliability
  • Great local supplier contracts
  • Keep costs down
  • The best possible service
  • Members of CheckaTrade and TrustPilot

Benefit from our local knowledge with reliability and quick appointments, with our local supplier contracts we can also keep the costs to you low. Our reputation counts, we aim to provide you with the best possible service meaning you can book with confidence with The City Cleaners, your local carpet cleaners in Harrogate. We are also members of CheckaTrade and TrustPilot. You can see our TrustPilot reviews here.

Words from our Harrogate based customers

We stand by our work and our reputation and we would like you to see honest reviews and genuine customer experiences from our own clients. We have many positive reviews scattered across every available platform, we have reviews on yelp, google, trustpilot, and facebook. Check out our google review page for up to date reviews.

Its in our own interest to do a good job, and you can see for yourself, why don’t you check out our instagram page for daily posts and videos of our cleaning results. You can also see our results and updates on our facebook page.

Frequently Asked Carpet Cleaning Questions

Are your chemicals safe for pets and children?

All the products we use are completely safe for pets and children once dry! With our super speedy drying times (around 1 hour) this is not so much of a big issue for people, it’s always a good idea to stay off the freshly cleaned carpets anyway as a part of the cleaning process involves restoring the pile back upright and if it dries this way your carpets will remain soft and bouncy again.

Can you remove pet stains and odours from my carpet?

Yes pet stains and odours can be removed from any carpet. The City Cleaners use specialist chemicals to eliminate pet urine and stains from your carpets. We use a dedicated enzyme treatment for this issue, the enzymes help break down the salts and the minerals that are found in pet urine, this breaks the chemical chain that produces these nasty smells caused by dogs and cat pee embedded into your carpets.

Do you move the furniture?

Yes! Leave everything to us, after hoovering we will check underneath your furniture for metal studs/wheels etc. We use furniture sliders and protective tape to protect your carpets from any rust marks during the drying process. Drying only takes around one hour anyway, but better safe than sorry!

How long does my carpets take to dry?

Our machines have very powerful vacuums, meaning at the longest your carpets are dry within 1.5 hours! We also have very low moisture methods that can dry even quicker!

Do you hoover the carpets first?

Of course we do! Any decent carpet cleaner should hoover your carpets and upholstery prior to cleaning, not only can we do a better job, but we don’t want all that loose debris running through our machines either.

Why choose the city cleaners over anyone else?

We only use the very best machines and products in all of our cleans, and our cleaning experts will take care of your carpets.

  • Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners
  • Established for over 14 years
  • Free Scotch Guard Protection
  • Expert Trained, Uniformed & CRB
  • Checked Cleaners
  • Fully Insured
  • Latest machine technology
  • Eco friendly products
  • Pet and child safe detergents
Carpet cleaning service in Leeds

    When requesting a carpet cleaning quote, we aim to get back to you as soon as possible. We may ask you the extent of the issue you have and request pictures. We may also request a visit to check the damage, fabrics and size ourselves to ensure we quote you accurately. By clicking request a quote you agree to our privacy policy.