The City Cleaners in Leeds are a professional carpet cleaning company based in Headingley, Leeds. We always provide a safe and thorough six step carpet cleaning process to bring your carpets back to life! Read on to read about how our carpet cleaners in Leeds clean your carpets…

Pre Vacuum the carpet

One of the most important steps in the six step carpet cleaning process, its no good overlooking a good thorough vacuum before starting to clean any carpet. Removing the dry soiling, dust and loose dirt is key to starting a good quality carpet clean.

It’s no good trying to add moisture on top of the loose dirt and debris, this needs to be removed first, otherwise you can’t get a deep enough clean on the carpet, the dust and dirt becomes sticky and harder to remove plus we don’t want to be dragging all that loose dust and surface dirt through our machines too, it can actually clog up and reduce the life of our carpet cleaning machines.

We always pre hoover on every job, even if the customer says i can do that, the commercial grade high powered hoovers we have are of a much better quality than your over the counter Dyson or Shark models. A lot of people don’t really pull out chairs, sofas and other large furniture items when doing their standard regular hoovering in their homes either, so its important for us to remove all them thick dusty areas underneath heavy items.

Our powerful Sebo bs360 vacuums also have a special pile height adjuster so we can tailor the hoovering height according to how deep your carpet pile is and gain enough traction for the rotating bar to do a good job of removing any embedded hairs etc. We also use the long hose attachment to really get right into the edges of the carpet where a lot of dust can build up along with draft marks.

Vacuuming also helps to loosen up the pile of the carpet in preparation for the Pre spray.

Backing and fibre testing the carpet

The next stage of the six step carpet cleaning process our technicians move into is fibre testing the carpet. It’s really important to know what type of carpet we are dealing with so we can treat and clean the carpet safely.

To do this process we need to take a small fibre sample from the carpet and burn it. By doing the burn test we can identify what the make up of the carpet is, it will tell us if its a wool carpet, nylon, polypropylene, polyester, polyamide, viscose, Berber, sisal or velvet.

Each of these carpet types have very different methods required to clean them safely. Some of the fine fabrics such as velvet and viscose would require a dry cleaning method or a very low moisture method whereas the polypropylene and polyester carpets would benefit much better and withstand a hot water extraction cleaning method.

Some carpet fibres require wool safe cleaning products and specialist rinses when cleaning, others can withstand stronger chemicals without the risk of discolouring or changing the complexion of the carpet itself.

Checking the backing is also very important before starting any clean, some backings can delaminate if over wet, other backings like jute can produce cellulosic browning that can wick back through the carpet during the drying process if over wet, its important to speed dry these types of carpet. Our top of the range Airflex professional carpet cleaning machines have very powerful vacuums onboard that helps us with the quick drying process.


Deep cleaning of the carpet

Carpet extraction

Extracting the dirt using a carpet cleaning wand

Once we have got rid of all the dry soiling and we have identified the type of fibre we are dealing with its then time to choose a safe and effective cleaning solution to do the best job. Here at The City Cleaners in Leeds we have around 15 different cleaning chemicals to choose from depending on the carpet type, style and backing.

These chemicals are completely safe for babies and pets to be around, they are also eco friendly and can cause no harm what so ever. We send our COSSH reports to all our commercial clients on a regular basis, we have to be careful what we use when cleaning in care homes and for people who are vulnerable.

The chemicals contain specialist stain removers and ingredients such as enzymes and mild solvents that can easily cut through the dirt, embedded stains such as make up, lipstick, sticky residues, rust stains, pet odour and pet stains, urine marks on the carpet, food and drink stains, heavy traffic areas like the doorways and corridors, oily stains, blood, red wine, tea and coffee and any other general stains and spillages that you may find around the home. If you would like to book a carpet clean you can head over to our contact page on our website!

Pre spray the carpet

Pre spraying the carpet with special cleaning solution

Once we have applied a safe cleaning solution we then agitate the carpet, this helps to work the chemical into the fibres and also brings the pile back up again so the carpet is soft and bouncy.

Enzymes chemically break down the salts and the minerals in nasty stains such as pet urine, vomit, blood and other nasties found on the carpets to completely eliminate the smell and stains.

We set the machine up at the door and we can run up to 200 feet of hosing, so its easy for us to clean up to four floors away from the machine itself.

Moving room to room, floor to floor, moving and replacing furniture as we go, its a very stress free experience for our customers both domestic and commercial. Using furniture sliders and special protective furniture tape we are able to protect your carpet from orange rust spots and wood staining caused by some treated wooden furniture, metal wheels and studs in the legs and underneath furniture.

It’s important to rinse the carpet after cleaning, most of the chemicals we use to extract the dirt away are alkaline based so in the clean water tank of the machine we always use an acidic rinse which will neutralise the carpet preventing things like discolouring. The rinse we use also has anti soiling properties which help to maintain the carpet in the future.

Carpet agitation

Agitating the carpet post pre spray

Scotch guard protection is an optional service we offer on any carpet clean we do here at The City Cleaners, if you request this service when making an enquiry we can help you with this. This creates a protective layer on the carpet which protects from any stains and spillages in the future, the scotch guard makes it easier for customers to wipe stains and spillages away in the future. Things like tea and coffee which usually would stain the carpet very quickly would bubble up on the surface of the pile for easy removal.

Our powerful latest machine technology has fully adjustable PSI water temperature so we can clean any type of fabric, fine fabrics, delicate carpets and hard wearing commercial office tiles. The powerful vacuums onboard make for speedy drying times, in most cases around one hour.

Our appointments are flexible so we work around your schedule, and for offices we can do out of hours, weekends or evenings to suit.

For Commercial carpet cleans we also use a very low moisture cleaning method also known as encapsulation. This type of cleaning works great with low profile office carpet tiles, is very quiet and causes minimal downtime for workers.


Stain removal on the carpet

Some nasty stains can remain on the carpet after the cleaning process, we then have a special stain removal spotting kit for these stubborn marks on the carpet. Using a tamping brush, specialist spotter and some white terry towels we can get to work on removing any ingrained stains that remain. Some of these could include things like candle wax, chewing gum, blue tack amongst others.


Deodorisation of the carpet

All our cleans include free deodorisation, we add this to our clean water tank of the machine and most of the chemicals we use smell really good. Some of them are based on popular aftershaves and perfumes so they rarely disappoint. We do have neutral cleaning solutions that we can use for anybody who requests, this is for people who are vulnerable to certain smells, fragrances or asthmatic.


Reset the pile

As much as some people love to see the zig zagging shark teeth patterns left by carpet cleaning technicians on their carpets, they are not a great idea.

On some carpet fibres such as viscose and polyamide they can become permanent and they wont hoover out once dry! We always use a carpet pile brush to reset the pile on your carpet for a smooth clean finish. Brushing the pile all the same way will result in a perfect finish and no silly lines or shapes left in your carpets!


I hope you enjoyed reading about the six step carpet cleaning process that we do here at The City Cleaners, our carpet cleaning technicians in Leeds really do a brilliant job of your carpet cleaning. Don’t forget to check our our website where you can find other news articles about our famous celebrities and footballer clients, you can also find the contact forms and our telephone number on there.






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