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Carpet Cleaners Leeds

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Carpet and upholstery Cleaners in Leeds

The city cleaners are your complete fabric cleaning company. We are a local, well established company who can clean carpets, upholstery, curtains in-situ, rugs, dining room chairs, mattresses, bed bases, and kitchen and bathroom tiles. Please take a look below at the processes we take whilst cleaning your carpets and soft furnishings. We can also offer a domestic cleaning service by the hour and end of tenancy deep cleans in Leeds and Bradford.

The city cleaners can provide all these services in LS1, LS2, LS3, LS4, LS5, LS6, LS7, LS8, LS9, LS10, LS11, LS12, LS13, LS14, LS15, LS16, LS17, LS18, LS19, LS20, LS21, LS22, LS23, LS24, LS25, LS26, LS27, LS28 AND LS29. We also cover all Bradford postcodes too.  

Carpet Cleaning Leeds Photo Carpet Cleaning Leeds

Cleaning carpets is what we love to do

The one main advantage we have over other companies is the machinery we use, we are lucky enough to be able to equip the Airflex machines. This latest machine technology can really clean deep down into the pile of your carpets, not just cleaning the surface like your rental carpet cleaners do. The machines heat the water itself upto 120c, this heat is great for breaking down heavily soiled areas and greasy stains, the sort of stains you would tend to find in your doorways and in front of your upholstery. The 400 PSI steam cleaning of your carpets is backed up with a very powerful lamb amtek vacuum which draws all the moisture from your carpet once they are clean. This results in very quick drying times for your carpets, around one hour. Over the years our carpet cleaners have overcome a number of different problems, stains and spillages, draft marks, super glue, chewing gum, red wine, rust, traffic lane soil, sick, dog and cat urine etc. The city cleaners can clean both synthetic and wool carpets, we clean wool carpets using an acidic wool rinse to bring the PH levels back to normal therefore preventing any yellowing or browning. Using the latest machine and micro-splitting technology, our advanced contra rotating brushes and our extensive spotting kit, we can overcome most problems and we make light work of cleaning even the more heavily soiled carpets. The micro-splitters are used for synthetic carpets (man made fibres), this special formula breaks the bond between the dirt and the fibres making it very easy to extract the dirt and soil. With the wool carpets we only use wool safe approved products to protect the natural fibres on your carpet. All our products are carefully selected and have lots of benefits, we only buy the very best prochem products to use on your fabrics, they do a fantastic clean, leave the carpet almost dry after cleaning, and it’s a very gentle clean for your carpets. We scotch guard every carpet we clean for free, this helps protect your carpet in the future. We do all the heavy lifting and we hoover before we start too, so what you waiting for? Book in now on our quote page!

Your rugs require a slow and thorough clean

We make sure we clean right to the bottom of the dense pile. We always test your rug before cleaning as some of the Arabic/ Persian rugs are made from vegetable dyes and the colours can run, so you would require a dry clean which we can also offer.  Most rugs are patterned and very colourful so it makes a big difference after they are cleaned making the colours become a lot more prominent and bringing a lot of life back into them. We brush the tassels with a special cleaning agent which brings them back their original colour. We scotch guard the rugs after cleaning to help maintain them in the future. We use the latest machine and micro-splitting technology to make sure we get your rugs back to their original state.

Rug Cleaning Leeds Photo Rug Cleaning Leeds
Curtain Cleaning Leeds Photo Curtain Cleaning Leeds

We can clean your curtains in-situ, so we don't have to take them down.

We use a special cleaning formula from prochem that once applied onto the curtains, the dry solution then evaporates and lifts the dirt from the material. This revolutionary cleaning method provides a hassle free approach, saves time and money, its actually cheaper for someone to come into your house and clean them in-situ than to pay a dry cleaner.

 Some other benefits of getting your curtains cleaned in-situ are that you don't have to spend time taking down and putting back up again, you don't have to spend time without any curtains whilst they are at the dry cleaners, the curtains keep their original shape and style, and the curtains dry almost instantly! Also for people who have big drapes and pelmets,we can also clean them too whereas your local dry cleaner would not.

  Once the dirt has been lifted, we extract the dirt using our industrial cleaning machines and rotovac ShearDry. The Airflex storm has a very powerful vacuum, and when combined with our ShearDry Rotovac we can extract all the soil quickly and efficiently providing a very gentle clean and leaving no residue behind. The shear dry Rotovac enables us to clean the most delicate of fabrics such as silks and velvets. We can clean your curtains alongside your carpets, upholstery, rugs, and leather suites. 

From a single pair to the largest theatre curtains and the most ornate drapes, The City Cleaners can help in the protection, presentation and long life of your curtains.

Its quick and easy to book your curtain cleaning, you can request a free no obligation quote on our quote page

The city cleaners can dry clean your upholstery.

Using our industrial van mounted carpet cleaning machines we can bring your upholstery, chairs and sofas looking like new. It’s a very delicate and dry clean, so our way of cleaning looks after your fabrics no matter how delicate it may be, it enables us to get into all the hard places and do a thorough clean. The arms and head rest are usually the worst areas, Our eco friendly soloutions break the bond between the fibres and the dirt, so it’s removed very easily using very little water and without scrubbing and agitating the fabric. We scotch guard any upholstery we clean for free.

Upholstery Cleaning Leeds Photo Upholstery Cleaning Leeds
Leather Cleaning Leeds Photo Leather Cleaning Leeds

We do a five stage cleaning process on your leather suites, its all done by hand.

It's a five step process that will result in your leather looking clean, shiny and soft. First of all we wash the sofa down to remove any surface dirt caught up in the creases, then we wax, buff, polish and clean again using professional aniline leather cleaner.

The process is all done by hand using specialist leather cleaner, it really adds the quality back into your leather, you can see, feel and smell the difference.

Tile, stone and grout cleaning

Through high demand from our estate agents contracts and clients we can now offer tile, stone and grout cleaning.

The process we’ll use in your home is an effective way to reduce bacteria and other micro-organisms found on the surface and inside the grout. We use special eco friendly products and drill brushes to remove mould and mildew, limescale and built up grease in the kitchen and bathroom.

Kitchen Tiles Cleaning Leeds Photo Kitchen Tiles Cleaning Leeds

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